With over 20 years in the crystal sourcing industry and 65 years of combined expertise in spiritual training and practice we understand the subtle nuances of crystals and crystal healing and we are devoted to sharing our knowledge with the world.

Aren’t crystals just rocks?

Crystals are powerful tools that can be used on a daily basis to help improve your overall life energies. The Crystal Hideaway Crystal Academy can help you learn how to use crystals and how to understand your own energies so that you can identify your unique vibrations to align and improve the energies around you.

Crystals and healing stones are an integral part of many ancient spiritual practices and are still used today across a kaleidoscope of beliefs and cultures. With this deep history it can sometimes be overwhelming for someone trying to navigate the overabundance of information out there about these spiritual tools and how to best use them in daily practice. At Crystal Hideaway we work to make it easier for you to explore and experience the crystal landscape. From crystal décor to crystal healing, we help you to enjoy crystal magic and be energized by the process of selecting crystals, so that you can get right to the focus of setting your intention and changing your energy.