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Guided by Spiritual Healing

In this modern age of spiritual enlightenment, people are increasingly focused on finding ways to master their own paths with crystals and spiritual tools. We encourage this spiritual growth by giving you access to our knowledge network.

We pride ourselves on not only a sound expertise and deep-rooted interest in spiritual crystal healing but also a wide network of professional holistic and mystic practitioners. Find out more about:

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We have gathered a group of industry accredited practitioners and spiritual leaders who have dedicated their time and energy to understanding crystal healing and mystic tools. They have sifted through the information out there to curate a collection of crystal healer workshops for you.

The sessions in our Crystal Academy are focused on assisting you in your journey through spiritual awakening.


Since the dawn of time, crystals have been used as metaphysical tools in spiritual practices across the world. The secrets of crystal magic and healing stones have now permeated into the mainstream and we are here to help you learn about and navigate the benefits of crystal healing.

At Crystal Hideaway we do our best to source the highest quality new age gifts, stones and gems. We make sure that the process of sourcing and shipping reaches our highest standard with the lowest impact on our environment.


Multifaceted and multi-dimensional, the Crystal Hideaway team is much like a collection of healing crystals.

  • The ownership team is a tight-knit family whose interests lie in sourcing the best metaphysical supplies from around the world. We do our best to forge a connection with the people in the communities from where our crystals are mined so that they can feel the impact of our work together.
  • The expert Crystal Academy team are well versed in the uses and properties of chakra stones, crystal clearing, spirituality supplies and more! Our expert team can be your guides as you endeavour to navigate life in a more mindful way.
  • And you. We include you, our customers, in this collection of people because we value each individual experience we have with you and we believe that creating this sanctuary and crystal community is part of what Crystal Hideaway is all about.

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