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Our commitment to better processes

As a global company, Crystal Hideaway goes beyond the retail of crystals, spiritual tools, healing stones and metaphysical supplies. We focus our operations on streamlining the process of bringing you the best spirituality supplies without the complex travel and logistics that a crystal may go through to get from the mines to your home. Read more about Ethical Crystals.

Our commitment to the community and environment

Over time we have nurtured relationships in communities in Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Mexico, Madagascar and India so that we can go directly to the source of healing crystals to bring you the wealth of knowledge and mystic tools that you seek. While we are purveyors of gemstones, crystals and minerals, we also intentionally foster success and growth for the local communities surrounding the mines that we work with. This way we can work with the local people to commit to doing as little impact to the environment as possible.

Our commitment to your crystals

Our commitment to making crystals and spiritual healing tools accessible to all is what drives us to focus our processes on direct relationships with our suppliers and with you. This is what helps us to decrease costs and increase the quality of the products that we can provide as you continue on your spiritual journey.


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