Many people gravitate towards the healing energies of crystals then find it difficult to delve into the deeper focus of the practice. We work with leading practitioners, speak with expert customers, monitor hashtags to see trends and determine how and why people work with crystals so that we can take that overwhelming sense of “big data” and distil it down to something meaningful and straightforward for you to use on your path towards spiritual enlightenment.

The emerging markets this year show targeted healing practices in these areas:

Crystal Energy Balancing

Energy balancing practices are most popularly used with crystals to change the subtle internal vibrations and energies of yourself and your space. Crystal healing stones are also used in balancing cosmic energies that may be out of sync due to astrological events. Crystal formulas are used to better improve your vibration based on your zodiac sign.

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Crystal Meditation & Mindfulness

This is a powerful way to combine crystals with Zen practices. Used with affirmations and soft musical harmonies to help propel you into a deeper meditative state, certain crystals can help to deepen your focus during a meditation session and expand your consciousness beyond any of your own limiting beliefs.

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Chakra Crystals & Balancing

Those with the knowledge of chakra balancing can use crystal pendulums and intuitive testing to create custom chakra sets.

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Healing Crystals

Detailed work in understand all the crystals and their holistic uses and benefits; work with people in a professional way. Using many different modalities in clearing and ground the many energies of the body while making complex and unique crystal grid layouts for healing and spiritual regeneration.

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Crystal Reading

Using crystals and healing stones for divination/fortune telling purposes is a practice that will always have value. The meanings may be crafted by the reader or may come directly from the vibrational healing properties of the crystals employed for sharing guidance and direction.

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Crystal Magic & Rituals

Using crystals in traditional and personal ritual practices have become an almost mainstream practice now. Crystals are used in pagan casting ceremonies, mystical intention setting, love potions, and gemstone elixirs.

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Crystal Décor

The organic and natural beauty of the mineral kingdom has been used for decades in business lobbies and executive office suites. Since the ‘70s crystal décor and the Feng Shui of crystal placement has become a major part of staging and decorating an interior space not only for aesthetic purposes but also to allow the energy to flow and improve your energy vibrations.

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Crystal Spa & Beauty

Crystal massage wands, facial masks, crystal grids, and crystal rollers not only have energetic properties to improve your vibration but also can draw the heat and tension from the face and help better apply make-up and skin care products.

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Holistic Crystal Practices

Gem waters/elixirs, crystal water bottles and using crystals with essential oils are all trending modalities that help you to pair healing minerals with rejuvenating practices to create integrated ways to allow for everyday wellness and better health improvement regimes.

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