Crystal Hideaway is a family owned and operated gemstone and crystal retail operations where we specialize in sourcing and sale of beautiful, high quality, ethically sourced and hand-picked crystals, home decor and natural healthcare products. Our dedicated team of in-house crystal experts research, source and procure the most unique and rare specimens from around the world and convert them into functional products for your rituals, spiritual and physical healing, yoga and many other purposes.

We bring hundreds of new products to our beloved customer community every year with the sole purpose of combining nature with science and to offer innovative healing, decor and gift items. Our strong relationships with suppliers from around the globe enables us to source products without middlemen and brokers, hence enabling us to offer quality products at the best price.

We as individuals believe in the spiritual balance brought by our own products and try our utmost to spread our love and passion to our customers as well as our partners. We adhere to the principles of fair trade and work with reputable vendors & artisans who follow the essential criteria of minimum wage for workers, no child labour and environmental responsibilities such as hand mined crystals for minimum impact on environment. Our team travels globally throughout the year, ensuring that our clients receive crystals that are sourced with utmost love, care and respect, ethically and sustainably. We take pride in offering our divine range of crystals at the most competitive prices. Our commitment is based on the foundation to provide best quality products to attain clients' trust and satisfaction.