We care about the Earth, the quality of what we source, and the lives of the people who create and mine our products. That means we consider every part of this crystal healing business as seriously and meaningfully as we possibly can. Having an Ethical Crystal and Fair Trade stance is very important to us, unfortunately as it stands today, there are no such organizations and certifications for the crystal industry. Until an industry standardization and certification is set, Crystal Hideaway uses our own thorough internal auditing and on-boarding process to vet and scrutinize the practices of every company, location and person that we connect with as an organization.

Our Guidelines

  • No Child Labour.
  • Minimum wage standards that MUST be met.
  • We ensure the mining process of the crystals are ethical and eco-friendly and follow the rules internationally and help protect the origin country.
  • We take the fair treatment and compensation of local artists very seriously and we do our best to foster relationships that help to grow and build the communities we work with.
  • 10% from our annual profits at Crystal Hideaway are donated to a selection of charities in Brazil (where 70% of our crystals are sourced from).
  • As we grow and evolve our brand, we are working to grow our list of communities and charities that we contribute to.

The world is quickly growing and changing in so many positive ways so please help us in our commitment to the highest standard of quality by keeping us in the know of what you hear. Give us your honest feedback on the metaphysical tools and crystal products you have received: customercare@crystalhideaway.com