Alysa Bartha

Alysa is a professional mystic, who teaches and works with spiritual seekers all over the world. Her dynamic personality and passion for the mystic arts is infectious. She loves to bring her wealth of knowledge and depth of experience to her students by creating a culture of excitement in learning. She believes that teaching others how to blend spirituality into every fascite of life is truly the key to lasting happiness and fulfillment. 

In her professional practice Alysa is a second generation traditional western astrologer, master tarot reader & teacher, numerologist, certified professional past life regressionist, reiki master, certified Life coach,  published author, artist, .

Alysa lives and works in Ontario Canada and is extremely excited to be a part of Crystal Hideaway where she will teach, guide and coach the next generation of spiritual seekers.

Stacey MacDonald

As an Angel Intuitive, Past Life reader and Intuitive Life Coach, Stacey has a true passion for connecting people with their intuition, Angels, wellness and Soul Path Purpose. She has always connected strongly with the Angels and Guides having experienced sightings and connections with many of them personally and often growing up as a child and over the years. Stacey founded her business  Angel Light in 2004 and soon after published her first book Angels and Energy. An accredited Reiki Master Teacher RT-CRA, Stacey has had the privilege of attuning hundreds of practitioners and Masters to Reiki healing Energy over the years. She knows it is part of her Soul Path purpose to ensure people are well aware of how to increase their Life Force Energy in order to live their best life on all levels; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Stacey’s spiritual practice and business has grown to include an extensive local and international client base for private and group sessions, training and speaking engagements.  As a speaker and through her online certification courses, she has become known for her practical and straightforward approach in empowering others to connect with their intuition, Angels, healing ability and inner power. This enables them to move forward powerfully and confidently in both their personal and professional life.

Joey Wargachuk

Joey is a retail and marketing specialist, revered tarot and crystal reader, and certified Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, accomplished accredited teacher, famed futurist and novelist. 

Joey Wargachuk is proudly an Approved Executive Member of the International Practitioners of Holistic  Medicine and an accredited international training provider Ref: IPHMNC3005

With over 22 years of working with crystals in the fields of Crystal reading and healing and 18 years of retail expertise and eCommerce brand management Joey Wargachuk is a Maverick of Mystic proportion.

As an Educator and community creation leader it is our privilege to have such a crystal expert and influence as Joey apart of our founding team.

At, Joey leads the way in the art of practical use of crystals and advocates in creating processes and relationships the connect customers directly with crystals in the most ethical ways, his involvement in product development, education creation and customer care has helped to change the industry standards and expectations of consumers buying crystals for spiritual use globally.


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