Manifesting with Crystals - Joey Wargachuk

Manifest Abundance and Learn How Crystals Can Change Your Energy To Make Your Dreams Come True!

  • Use Crystals to transform your life and bring your energy from lack to abundance!
  • Learn about which crystals send your intention out to the universe and which crystals attract what you desire!
  • Understand Why some crystal for wealth and abundance pair so well and work twice as hard when together!
  • Create a crystal Grid for Wealth and abundance and set your intention to make it a ritual to manifest your goals of prosperity
  • Use what you learn in this certification class to improve your Life, friends and future clients.

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Crystals for Wealth - By Joey Wargachuk - $39.99

  • 6 Chapters

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30 Days of Meditation - By Stacey McDonald - $30.00

  • 30 sessions plus bonus lesson

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