Everyone wonders how much of a difference it makes to really energize, clear, and charge your crystals. We say the difference is significant! We take the energy and welfare of crystals seriously because we believe crystals are living energy structures with the ability to scatter excessive vibrations and pick up energy debris from the people, places and objects that they may come in contact with. For this reason, it is very important to practice care and to prolong your crystals’ potential.

Here are some simple ways to clear and care for your crystals:

  • Soak in spring water (All crystals except for malachite, lapis, pyrite, selenite, black tourmaline and turquoise)
  • Place under moonlight as part of the full moon ritual
  • Place under sunlight to clean and charge (All crystals except for amethyst as sunlight will dull the natural vibrancy of the stone)
  • Place in the presence of candlelight
  • Smudging with the sacred smokes of white sage or palo santo
  • Place around Tibetan singing bowl with sound or bells for 5-minute sessions
  • Bury in sand, soil or brown rice over night
  • Lightwork/Reiki: connect to Divine light and visualize a clearing light. This works to get rid of negative energy and recharges your crystal
  • Selenite shapes are perfect for charging and clearing other crystals
  • Pyramids shapes are a popular method to clear and charge crystals