Third Eye Chakra Crystal Candle

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Third Eye Chakra Crystal Candle | Crystal Candle for Sixth Chakra

Size: 325 mL (11oz)

A balanced Third Eye Chakra enables deeper intuition and access to inner wisdom and psychic ability. Our THIRD EYE CHAKRA Candle is a refreshing blend of premium all natural-soy wax with fragrance of Blue Malva flower; topped with Amethyst crystal. This powerful combination heals and unblocks the Sixth Chakra to help you restore the calm and clarity needed for tuning into your intuition and elevating your spirituality. The healing and cleansing powers of Amethyst will fill your space with an energy that is perfect for meditation. Light up this candle in your bedroom to alleviate stress and have a peaceful sleep. Gift it to your loved ones for a divine healing experience aligned with the energy of our candle that resonates through the Third Eye Chakra. Hand-made in Canada, with great passion and care. Total burn time of 30+ hours.

*Our candles are made of organic and non-GMO American Soy Wax. 

Origin: Canada

DISCLAIMER: All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Although we make every effort to provide accurate images of the product, the shipped item may vary in weight, size and colour as each candle is hand-poured while the crystals are naturally unique in appearance and shape. Exchange of the order solely due to this reason will not be possible.

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