Tektite Tumbled Stone

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Tektite is the resultant product of immense impact from meteors on the outside of the Earth, making it probably the rarest stone in the mineral realm. Because of its extra-earthly root, Tektite's restricted accessibility has earned itself a solid acknowledgment to open clairvoyant capacities under cognizant. Tektite offers mending energies to help unblock the lower Chakras, basic for raising one's emanation towards the shrouded direction known to man of other worldliness. This makes the shiny Tektite a great stone for the individuals who are moving in the direction of a quintessential development in this lifetime. Have a beautiful vase? Fill it with beautiful assorted tumbled stones. Tumbled stones make for a variety of delightful focal points in your home decor. Numerous individuals like to utilize tumbled stones for otherworldly mending remedies, for rehearsing care, and for reflection.

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