Selenite Heart with Angel Wings

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Selenite Heart with Angel Wings | Selenite Heart | Moroccan Selenite

Size: 7 cms

The Selenite Heart, with its shimmery, pearl-like luster and carved Angel Wings, makes a gorgeous decor item and stunning gift for any occasion; valentines, wedding, house-warming, birthday or simply as a token of love for your special ones. Selenite has deep healing and cleansing characteristics which shield you and your space from negative energies, unblock stagnant energies, restore your mental clarity and allow smooth flow of positive energies. This makes Selenite Heart, the ideal crystal piece to place in your homes and workplace for creating a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. The powerful vibration of Selenite activates all Chakras, especially the Crown Chakra. The Heart represents love and the etched Angel Wings are a symbol of higher evolution and existence. Hold the Selenite Heart, with etched Angel Wings, during your meditation and healing sessions as Selenite dispenses calmness and serenity allowing you to focus on your spiritual growth. Selenite greatly amplifies and harmonizes energy. Use it to clear, charge and reactivate your gemstone jewelry and crystals. This beautiful Selenite Heart is a perfect addition for your Crystal Grid and Crystal Collection!

Origin: Morocco

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