Selenite Charing Plate

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Selenite Charing Plate | Selenite Square Plate | Selenite Cleansing Slab | Moroccan Selenite

Size: 4 inches

The lustrous white, polished Selenite Square Plate has amazing cleansing and healing properties. Keep this plate in your homes for decor, allowing Selenite to form a protective shield to protect you and your space from unwanted/negative external influences. Selenite brings mental clarity and clears confusion making it a great stone to meditate with or use for your grid work or spiritual work. The powerful vibration of Selenite activates all Chakras, especially the Crown Chakra. Selenite’s properties coupled with the aligned Chakras dispense calmness and enable smooth flow of positive energy within it, through anything placed on it and in its surroundings. Use this plate as a charging station to naturally clear, charge and reactivate your gemstones and crystal jewelry. You can also place salts & herbs on it for your meditation and healing practices. Gift it to your family and friends seeking to deep cleanse their mind, body and spirit. The Moroccan Selenite Square Plate is a wonderful energy tool that you must have as part of your crystal collection.

Origin: Morocco

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