Rose Quartz Coaster

Weight: 250g
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Product Description

A perfect crystal as a gift wrapped in a symbol of compassion and devotion. Rose quartz's gentle pink inclusions possess an undertone of unconditional love. Our healing begins when we are ready to forgive. A heart chakra stone, Rose Quartz Coaster will disperse essence of devotional intentions to help you to love and to be loved. These coasters make for striking, wonderful, and paramount presents. Wrapped up as a gift, no one will fathom what's inside. A genuine and engaging gesture for a friend or someone close to you. Origin: Brazil DISCLAIMER: Since each crystal is unique in appearance and shape, your actual piece may naturally vary in weight, size & colour than the item illustrated. Clusters are intuitively handpicked and therefore are not possible to be interchanged/similarly matched to the one demonstrated in the picture.

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