Rhodonite Polished Points

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Rhodonite Polished Points | Rhodonite Crystal Generator

Size: 0.30-0.40lbs 2.5-3.5 inch

The Rhodonite Polished Point, with its perfect cuts and angels, is an elegant addition to any Crystal Collection. Rhodonite is a crystal of compassion that works to create emotional balance and nurture love. It stimulates and activates the heart. The rosy vibrations of Rhodonite assist in dealing with deep emotional pain, aid self esteem and self confidence, and are powerful to help you when your life is traumatic. Meditate with the Rhodonite Polished Point as it grounds energy and makes you feel enlightened and worthwhile. Place it in your space to add style along with its beneficial healing energy. Perfect for Crystal Grid. Gift it to loved ones passing through any trauma or stress!

Origin: Peru

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