Rhodochrosite Bracelet

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Rhodochrosite Bracelet | Rhodochrosite Jewelry | Gemstone Beaded Bracelet

Size: 6mm

Rhodochrosite, known as the stone of Compassionate Heart, is filled with loving energy, particularly related to self-love. It strongly resonates with the Heart Chakra. Wear the gorgeous Rhodochrosite Bracelet to feel buoyant and cheerful, dynamic and active. It helps you to recognize your personal qualities and self-worth while giving you courage to face issues with confidence. Rhodochrosite inspires happiness and self-acceptance, and heals emotional wounds of the past. It is mentally enlivening, stimulates your creativity and sense of personal power. Having the Rhodochrosite Bracelet on your wrist not only adds charm to your attire but helps you to benefit from its healing properties. Gift it to family and friends who seek healing through crystals. Each crystal bead in this bracelet is hand-picked and strung on the finest quality elastic string to ensure the best quality bracelet for you to conveniently wear and flaunt your style.

Origin: Hong Kong

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