Peruvian Pyrite Cluster

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Peruvian Pyrite Cluster | Alluring Pyrite Clusters | Natural Pyrite Crystal

Small 1-2 inches ; 90 grams
Medium 2-4 inches ; 181 grams

Ready for a New Beginning? Pyrite Crystal marks the sign of sheer competence. With competence follows success. Pyrite, regarded as a strong protection stone, deflects negative energy and harmful forces; and promotes prosperity in life. Like the inferno of the sun supporting growth in life, Pyrite ushers its wearer with new wealth and opportunities. It brings confidence and the persistence to carry things through to completion. Keeping it in your room makes for a prominent presence of authority. Using them during meditation aids in deep connection and reflection. Pyrite clusters, with their gleaming beauty, are ideal for home decor and make a perfect gift for all occasions.

Origin: Peru

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