Phantom Quartz

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Phantom Quartz recuperates significant saddles of the mending vibrations the earth offers us through its minerals. By giving you a remarkable understanding of other worldly motivation, the Phantom Quartz will dazzle you with its wheedling vibes, indicating that you need assistance in escaping a trench in your life. When you ruminate with the Phantom Quartz meaning, it toils like a characteristic stimulant yet with no reactions. Everybody's reflection rehearsal is unique. Any sort of vitality performance will depend on your intention. Let that intention determine your complementing crystal. The Phantom Quartz clusters are ideal for any form of meditation while also complimenting as a home decor. Origin: Brazil. DISCLAIMER: Since each crystal is unique in appearance and shape, your actual piece may naturally vary in weight, size & colour than the item illustrated. All crystals are intuitively handpicked and therefore are not possible to be interchanged/similarly matched to the one demonstrated in the picture.

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