Phantom Amethyst

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Product Description

Amethyst with smoky phantom will glorify you with a rare smelting of enchanted power of a specter and up teem placidity. Don't limit your aural capabilities. Unleash your curiosity for inner strength and spiritual intuition. This beautiful crystal point will give you sheer metaphysical guidance. Alter your consciousness to sleep better when you visualize its calming colours emitting counteracting energy, removing all negativity from its surroundings. The Amethyst phantom points are ideal for any form of meditation while also complimenting as a home decor. Origin: Brazil. DISCLAIMER: Since each crystal point is unique in appearance and shape, your actual piece may naturally vary in weight, size & colour than the item illustrated. All crystals are intuitively handpicked and therefore are not possible to be interchanged/similarly matched to the one demonstrated in the picture.

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