Palo Santo Smudge Spray

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Palo Santo Smudge Spray | Liquid Smudge Spray | Smokeless Smudging

Are you looking for a smokeless alternative to burning sage to clear away negative energies and vibrations? Palo Santo Smudge is the product you need for cleansing yourself, purifying your home and belongings without the smoky smell. It is a powerful blend of Witch Hazel and Palo Santo essential oil with a Clear Quartz crystal. Spray it in your sacred space to cleanse and purify it and create an aura of tranquility. Use this spray to clear away negative energy; provide you spiritual purification; attract positive energy and re-establish peace and balance. For protection, spray it over your head before going to bed or when you leave home. This liquid smudge is convenient to carry along to work or during travel allowing you to use it anytime anywhere to clear unwanted energies. Ideal for people with smoke allergies who still want to enjoy the benefits and effects of smudging. A must-have product for your smudging ritual!

Origin: Canada
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