Natural Citrine Tumbled Stone

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Natural Citrine Tumbled Stone | Natural Citrine Gemstone | Pocket Crystal for Meditation

Size (approx.) 1 inch

A Crystal of comfort and healing being its main attributes, natural Citrine lends an aural sense with its revealing yellow light, making it a primary Crystal for aligning all your Chakras. Enlighten your room with its darker yellow shades exuding vibrancy akin to sunlight, allowing you to avail its healing vitality. The presence of Citrine Natural stone will energize your space, no matter what environment you place it in. Have a beautiful vase? Fill it with beautiful assorted tumbled stones. Tumbled stones make for a variety of delightful focal points in your home decor. Numerous individuals like to utilize tumbled stones for otherworldly mending remedies, for rehearsing care, and for reflection.

Origin: Brazil

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