Moonstone Tourmaline

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If you need a soul cleanser, then the Black Tourmaline is the ideal Crystal for your Intention. And If you travel regularly while seeking the energy to deal with any anxiety related issues, moonstone is your Crystal companion. With the integrated Moonstone and Black Tourmaline, no matter wherever you go, you will feel protected and elated, getting out of range against the forces of evil doers. Be clear of all negative thoughts through Crystal guidance by the moonstone supplied with the Black Tourmaline's aura of the new moon at the peak of its lunar operation. Meditating with this special stone can also resolve sleeping issues. Have a beautiful vase? Fill it with beautiful assorted tumbled stones. Tumbled stones make for a variety of delightful focal points in your home decor. Numerous individuals like to utilize tumbled stones for otherworldly mending remedies, for rehearsing care, and for reflection. It is a very convenient way of travelling with your favorite Crystal. Origin: India

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