Golden Sheen Obsidian Palm Stone

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Golden Sheen Obsidian Palm Stone | Golden Sheen Obsidian Crystal | Golden Sheen Obsidian Gemstone for Protection

Size (approx.): 3 inches

Golden Sheen Obsidian has a bright energy and healing vibrations that aid in self restoration by being a defensive shield against all negativity and pessimism. It sharpens instincts, and helps to discover hidden talents and spiritual gifts. It allows one to face the darkest aspects of one's self with confidence and compassion, and identify the the root cause of suffering thus opening the door for healing. It acts as a guide for anyone who finds themselves in trouble or is dissatisfied with their life and wants to figure out the purpose of life and how to go about living it. It is often used by metaphysical healers to provide relief in different ailments. Golden Sheen Obsidian Palm stone helps to create balance in life, and to cultivate more peace and joy. Meditate by holding the Golden Sheen Obsidian Palm Stone in your hand to experience its sacred magic. Carry it with you, and if you feel stressed or tired, hold the stone to feel revived and self-assured. Use it as an attractive decor item or be creative and use it in your jewelry. Gift it to a loved one to ease their emotional struggles and be blessed with prosperity on all levels!

Origin: Mexico

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