Golden Healer Flame

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Golden Healer Flame | Golden Healer Quartz Crystal


Size (approx.): 4 - 5 inches, 0.9 - 1 lb

The Golden Healer, in the form of a polished Flame, is absolutely stunning and beyond its mesmerizing appearance, it carries immense powers. If you are looking to soothe and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit, look no further as your offering is right here! This crystal, with its potent healing and stabilizing properties, radiates sun and light energy to all chakras through apex of the flame, thus providing you a path of enlightenment for higher self-connection, soul alignment and spiritual expansion. Keep it in your home to protect yourself against toxic behaviors and negative emotions improving overall wellness. Hold it during meditation to feel empowered, use it as a centrepiece of your crystal grid or simply place it near you to reap the benefits of its deep healing energy. The luminous golden yellow color, flowing internal layers and sparkle makes it a statement piece of décor . Gift this ultra-high vibrational quartz crystal to your family or friends for all their crystal healing needs.

Origin: Brazil


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