Crystal Kit - All Bases Tumbled

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Crystal Kit - All Bases Tumbled | Crystal Kits for Healing

The ALL BASES TUMBLED CRYSTAL KIT consists of several uniquely paired, hand-picked healing crystals that work to transmute your energy for ultimate healing benefits. Use this kit in your spiritual or healing practice, feng shui and meditation. Keep the crystals at home or office as part of décor, place them on your bedside table or under the pillow, carry them in your pocket or make them part of small crystal grids and crystal collections. This kit is a powerful tool to help you set your intentions. It makes a great gift item for avid crystal lovers.

This kit includes: Rose Quartz, Tourmaline, Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Citrine.

It comes with an information card with details of the crystals included and their usage. All of this comes beautifully presented in a Jute bag.

Origin: Canada
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