Natural Citrine Tower

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Natural Citrine Tower | Citrine Crystal Point for Abundance


Size (approx.):   Mini - 3-4 cms, 0.05-0.25 lbs

                         Small - 6-7 cms, 0.25-0.50lbs

                         Medium - 10-11 cms, 0.50-1lb

                         Large - 2lbs


The Natural Citrine Tower, with its brilliant cuts and angles, is a perfect crystal for use in Meditation or Healing sessions, and makes an impressive home décor item or a beautiful gift for family and friends. Citrine is called the “Success Stone” as it brings success and prosperity. Also known as the "Merchant's Stone" as it brings luck to business. It clears unwanted energies from the environment, attracts happiness and good fortune, encourages self-confidence and balances the solar plexus chakra.

Origin: Brazil


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