Golden Healer Polished Point

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Golden Healer Polished Point | Golden Healer Tower

Size (approx.): Medium - 2-3 inches, 0.30-0.50 lbs
Large - 4-5inches, 0.50-0.70 lbs

The Golden Healer Quartz Polished Point is a six sided gemstone having a luminous golden yellow color, flowing internal layers and sparkle. This crystal, with its potent healing and stabilizing properties, radiates sun and light energy to all chakras through the apex of the point, thus providing a path of enlightenment for higher self-connection, soul alignment and spiritual expansion. Also protects against toxic behaviors and negative emotions that aids in improving overall wellness. Ideal for meditation and other healing practices. Stunning décor item and precious gift avid for crystal lovers. The Golden Healer Point is undoubtedly a premium quality, ultra-high vibrational, self-empowerment quartz crystal for all crystal healing needs!

Origin: Brazil

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