Cleansing Smudge Blend

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Cleansing Smudge Blend | Smudge Blend for Healing and Positive Energy

Smudging is the traditional spiritual practice of clearing away negative energies and vibrations with the smoke of burning herbs. Cleansing Smudge Blend is a made with a mix of White Sage – for cleansing and purifying your space, and Cedar Leaf, Palo Santo Chips & Black Malva Flower - to fill your space with love and protection. The combination of these herbs promotes a healing, peace, positive energy and connection to higher self. Use the sacred smoke of this refreshing blend to remove stagnant energies, cleanse yourself and your surroundings, raise your vibration during meditation, energy work, or yoga, and cleanse your crystals/gemstones as a part of your self-care ritual or based on moon cycles.

Origin: Canada
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