Citrine Pendulum

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Citrine Pendulum | Citrine Crystal | Meditating Crystal Pendulum

The gorgeous Citrine hand carved, six sided, pointed Pendulum comes attached with a beautiful silver chain. Citrine is a reflecting crystal that never needs cleansing. Comfort & happiness are its main attributes, but it is also an energizing crystal for aligning the Chakras. The Citrine Crystal Pendulum is warming and comforting, helps you in making confident decisive answers in life, stimulates your creativity and independence, and attracts wealth and abundance. It functions by augmenting minute muscle movements in your fingers and subconscious mind. It is perfect to be used in a variety of settings. Enlighten your room with its revealing yellow vibrancy akin to sunlight, allowing you to avail its healing vitality to bring you joy. An ideal healing tool for your Meditation and Reiki sessions to detect energy fields and energy imbalances in the body. Easy to wear or to carry around for continued benefits. Beautiful and useful gift for any occasion.

Origin: Brazil

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