Chrysocolla Sphere

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Chrysocolla Sphere | Chrysocolla Crystal

The Chrysocolla is a powerful crystal as it aligns all chakras with the Divine. Known as the stone of peace, Chrysocolla takes you into a phase of relaxation as if you are soaking in the serene energy by the seashore. Improves psychic vision and helps to face challenges with ease. It draws off negative energies and makes the aura tranquil. In the form of a Sphere, it is perfect for Meditation or any type of energy work as the shape allows the energy to flow evenly and equally in every direction at once, resulting in inner-balance and self-awareness. Keep the Chrysocolla Sphere near you to erase any fatigue that has conjured up in your body due to unknown stressful circumstances as it reflects soothing calmness through its matrix of blues, greens and grays. Use it as a visually appealing piece of decor. A valuable gift for crystal lovers.

Origin: Mexico

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