Chevron Amethyst Point

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Chervron Amethyst Point | Chevron Amethyst Generator

Sizes (approx): Large: 2x2 inches, 0.20 lbs
                        Medium: 2x1 inches, 0.10 lbs
                        Small: 1x0.5 inches, 0.05 lbs

The gorgeous Chevron Amethyst Point makes an aesthetically stunning decor piece for your home and a great addition for your crystal collection. It has an extremely pure vibration and very powerful spiritual energy that releases through its apex to help you connect with your higher chakras, deeply nourish your soul and balance your emotions. Keep it in your Meditation Space to promote peace of mind, relaxation and self-discovery. Place it in your living room, bedroom or even study room as it enhances inner strength and acts as a natural stress reliever. Carry it in your bag to pocket to enjoy the healing energy wherever you go. Gift this beautiful crystal to avid crystal lovers to bring them joy!

Origin: Brazil

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