Black Tourmaline Sphere

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Black Tourmaline Sphere | Natural Black Tourmaline for Ultimate Protection

Size (approx.): 50 - 60 mm, 0.50 - 0.60 lbs

The Black Tourmaline is the ideal crystal for grounding energies and cleansing the Aura. Place the stunning Black Tourmaline Sphere in your sacred place as a décor element that radiates its energy in all directions to deflect negative frequencies, cleanses your space and creates a protective energy shield in the surroundings. Hold it during Meditation for an infusion of stability, strong psychic protection and to release anger and any feelings of unworthiness. Carry it during travel knowing that you will be safe and always under divine protection! Great addition for a Crystal Grid. Gift this ultimate protection Black Tourmaline Sphere to your friends as an ever lasting token of affection!

Origin: India

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