Amethyst Druze Stand-Up X Large

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Amethyst Druze Stand-Up X Large | Amethyst Crystal | Druzy Amethyst

AMU12 6x3.5 inches 1.70 lbs
AMU13 4x3.5 inches 2.25 lbs
AMU14 5x5 inches 3.15 lbs
AMU15 6x5 inches 4 lbs
AMU16 6x5 inches 5 lbs

The unique Amethyst Druze, with its majestic beauty, is a powerful and protective crystal that brings calmness, relieves stress, dispels negativity, activates spiritual awareness and enhances psychic abilities. It is ideal for you to keep in your meditation and healing spaces. Place it in your bedroom, living room or any space in your home to uplift decor. Give this beautiful piece as a gift on any occasion, be it house warming, wedding or even a birthday!

Available in different sizes.

Origin: Brazil

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