White Moonstone Tumbled

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White Moonstone Tumbled | White Moonstone For Reiki Rituals | Lunar Crystal Energy

White moonstone will supply the energy of the new moon at the peak of its lunar operation. The stimulant and psychic power will enable your emotions to be uplifted straight away. When one's emotions are activated positively, the positive energy will extend balance and focus in supporting your turnaround in fortunes. When you bring abundance and better living in your family, your loved ones bestow light of smiles and laughter, even more than before. Meditating with the White moon stone will also resolve your nightmares and insomnia issues. Have a beautiful vase? Fill it with beautiful assorted tumbled stones. Tumbled stones make for a variety of delightful focal points in your home decor. Numerous individuals like to utilize tumbled stones for otherworldly mending remedies, for rehearsing care, and for reflection.

Origin: India

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