Selenite Heart Stone

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Selenite Heart Stone | Natural Selenite

Size (approx.): 5 cms

Selenite is the perfect crystal for all types of energy cleansing. The beautiful Selenite Heart, with its shimmery, pearl-like luster offers deep healing and cleansing characteristics. It has the ability to shield a person or space from negative energies, unblock stagnant energies and restore mental clarity with smooth flow of positive energies. The powerful vibration of Selenite activates all Chakras in the Human Body. The Heart's metaphysical properties coupled with the aligned Chakras dispense calmness and serenity making it ideal for meditation, healing practices and spiritual development. Place it in your sacred space to add a touch of elegance along with clearing the aura. As Selenite does not retain negative energies, it does not need to be cleansed, making it the perfect tool for naturally activating and charging other crystals. Gift it to your loved ones for protection and peace. Selenite Heart is a must-have energy tool to deeply cleanse mind, body and spirit!

Origin: Morocco

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