Selenite Crystal Knife

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Selenite Crystal Knife | Selenite Dagger | White Crystal Knife | Moroccan Selenite

Size: 7 -8 inches

The Selenite Crystal Knife, hand-carved and polished to perfection, is a wonderful tool for you to use in your energy work; particularly releasing negative energy, cleansing, and channeling energy. Selenite instils calmness and peace in the environment through its healing properties that open up all Charkas, especially the Crown Chakra. It is the ideal crystal for all types of energy clearing as it quickly unblocks any stagnant energy to create a smooth flow of positive energy. As Selenite amplifies and harmonizes energy, use it for reactivating and recharging your jewelry and other healing crystals. Use the Selenite Knife during meditation for the practice of “cord cutting.” Gift this unique item tor avid crystal collectors or use it a tasteful piece of décor in an artistic setting!

Origin: Morocco

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