Rose Quartz Sphere Large with stand

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Rose Quartz Sphere Large with stand | Rose Quartz for Unconditional Love

A: 5 inches, 5.00 lbs
B: 5 inches, 6.00 lbs

The beautiful Rose Quartz Sphere with its powerful healing properties deep cleanses your soul and aids you in connecting you to your higher self. Hold it during meditation to feel the amplified flow of energy within your body, attract unconditional love and clear out negative vibrations. A Heart Chakra stone, Rose Quartz disperses positive energy to help you forget all what hurt you in the past, providing self contentment towards giving love and to be loved. Place it in your home to restore trust and harmony in your relationships, boost your energy levels and instil peaceful and relaxing vibes in your home. Elevates decor in any space. Give it as a gift of affection to your loved ones.

Stand included.

Origin: Brazil

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