Prehnite Tumbled Stone

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Prehnite Tumbled Stone | Prehnite Gemstone for Unconditional Affection | Prehnite Crystal

Prehnite tumbled stone is an essential metaphysical element due to its powerful healing nature. Get unconditional affection from your loved ones when you entrust it in your surrounding. The ones close to you will begin to recognize your commitments and start respecting you more for who you are. Enhance your inner qualities with the ever omni-present Prehnite stone. Have a beautiful vase? Fill it with beautiful assorted tumbled stones. Tumbled stones make for a variety of delightful focal points in your home decor. Numerous individuals like to utilize tumbled stones for otherworldly mending remedies, for rehearsing care, and for reflection. It is a very convenient way of travelling with your favorite Crystal.

Origin: Africa

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