Morganite Bracelet

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Morganite Bracelet | Morganite Jewelry | Gemstone Beaded Bracelet

Size: 6mm

Wear Morganite Bracelet to bring you healing, compassion, assurance and promise Morganite aids you to develop a true spiritual relationship with your heart and soul, and helps open the path to unconditional love. It helps overcome fear, resentment and anger. Morganite bracelet is suitable to wear at all times, especially during meditation and energy healing sessions as it reduces stress and evokes a sense of peace, joy and inner strength. This bracelet with high grade gorgeous Morganite adds charm while bringing you the healing benefits of Morganite. Gift it as a token of love to family, friends or to anyone seeking divine strength and mental stability. Each crystal bead in this bracelet is hand-picked and strung on the finest quality elastic string to ensure the best quality bracelet for you to conveniently wear and flaunt your style..

Origin: Hong Kong

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