Green Moss Agate Point

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Green Moss Agate Point | Moss Agate Tower | Moss Agate Crystal

A. 2.5x0.75 inches 0.15 lbs
B. 3x1 inches 0.20 lbs
C. 3.5x1 inches 0.25 lbs

This stunning Green Moss Agate Polished Point is a visual treat for crystal lovers. It makes a perfect gift for any occasion and a beautiful decor piece for your home or office! Moss Agate possesses a number of healing properties. It lessens the unwanted toxins as it pulls in a bounty of rich energy and inject self confidence. Acts as a calming stone that balances your emotions. Encourages you for a fresh start, reviving the spirit and empowering you to envision your life in a positive way.

Origin: Africa

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