Garnet Sphere

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Garnet Sphere | Garnet Gemstone

Size (approx.): 40 mm, 0.50 lbs

The Garnet is regarded as a calming, balancing and stabilizing spiritual stone. The Garnet, in form of a Sphere, radiates its energy in all directions. It is a wonderful ally for grounding dreams and manifesting desires. Sparks romance, love, and passion. Place the Garnet Sphere at your home to fill your space with its peaceful, incredibly serene and stable vibrations that attract prosperity and abundance. Set it on your altar or desk to help you integrate the wisdom to overcome challenges with ease, strength, and grace. Perfect for use in your Crystal Grid. Use it during meditation for deeper connection to restore inner balance. Carry it along during travel for guidance, strength and protection. Stunning piece of décor and a tasteful gift for any occasion!

Origin: Brazil

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