Fluorite Point with Smoky Stripe

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Fluorite Point with Smoky Stripe | Fluorite Crystal for Grounding | Fluorite Tower

Sizes (aprox): Small 1x0.5 inches, 0.15LBS
Medium: 2x0.5 inches, 0.15LBS

The Fluorite Point with Smoky Stripe displays shimmery bands of gold with stripes of brown which complement each other to create a magnificent radiant effect. Keep it in your space to add charm to your décor along with benefiting from its power to absorb and neutralize negative energy and stress, and encourage positivity in its vicinity. The Fluorite is a highly protective and stabilizing stone that promotes grounding and harmonizes spiritual energy. Place it on your study tables or office desks as a learning aid as it increases concentration and intuitive abilities, connects the mind to higher consciousness levels of the universe, boosts self-confidence and decision making power. Make it a part of your Crystal Grid. Use it during meditation and healing practices for physical, mental and spiritual protection. Tasteful gift for avid crystal collectors!

Origin: China

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