Chrysocolla Spheres

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Chrysocolla Spheres | Chrysocolla Crystal | Gemstone Spheres

Sizes (approx.):
A: 1 inch, 0.20 lbs
B: 1.5 inches, 0.30 lbs
C: 2 inches, 0.50 lbs
D: 2.5 inches, 1.50 lbs

The Chrysocolla is an extremely beautiful and powerful crystal. It aligns all your chakras with the Divine. In the form of a Sphere, it is perfect for you to hold during Meditation or any type of energy work as the shape allows the energy to flow evenly and equally in every direction at once, resulting in inner-balance and self-awareness. Through its matrix of blues, greens and grays, the Chrysocolla Sphere reflects soothing calmness for you in times of stress. It will help you improve your psychic vision and help you to face challenges with ease. Place it in any space in your home to enhance decor, draw off negative energies and make the aura tranquil. Gift it to friends and family seeking greater inner strength.

Origin: Mexico

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