Chakra Mini Sphere Set

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Chakra Mini Sphere Set | Chakra Balancing Kit | 7 Chakra Spheres Set

Our Chakra Crystal Set consist of 7 beautiful gemstone mini Spheres:

- Lapis Lazuli
- Amethyst
- Clear Quartz
- Green Aventurine
- Tiger’s Eye
- Red Jasper
- Red Agate

Each crystal sphere has its own energy and properties but in this specific combination, it becomes much more powerful for healing intentions. This 7 Chakra set boosts, regulates and recalibrates your chakras at the right energy levels in order to make you feel balanced, revitalized and recharged in body, mind and spirit. Hold the mini spheres in your hands during your meditation and energy healing sessions to make the most of them. A perfect gift for crystal collectors.

Origin: Hong Kong
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