Calm Crystal Candle

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Calm Crystal Candle | Crystal Candle Décor | Healing Crystal Candle for Meditation

Size: 325 mL (11oz)

The gentle combination of Fluorite and Amethyst generates a soothing energy that calms and heals the mind, body and soul. These highly regarded crystals fill any space with harmony and peace. Fluorite radiates a calm and healing energy. It has the ability to absorb and neutralize any negative energy within a space or auric field. Its energy brings balance and restores order to the energies and people around it. This colorful crystal will fill your space with a harmonious vibration. Purple amethyst is highly esteemed for it's legendary powers to stimulate the mind and soothe the body. It is a remarkable crystal that is both healing and protective in nature. It inspires an enhanced meditative state, bringing calm, balance and peace to the energies around it. Topped with Amethyst and Fluorite, our Calm Crystal Candle is made with premium all-natural soy wax and scented with Cucumber Melon fragrance. An aroma of sweet and sour cucumber with hints of violet; and sweet, freshly sliced honeydew melon. Use it for a divine healing experience during your Meditation sessions or light it up in your room to relax and destress. Beautiful gift for any occasion.

Total burn time 30+ hours.

Origin: Canada

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