Black Obsidian Polished Point

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Black Obsidian Polished Point | Black Obsidian Generator | Black Obsidian Tower

Size (approx.): 2 x 0.5 inches.
Weight: 0.20 lbs

The Black Obsidian is a protective, grounding, robust and swift acting crystal that provides intense healing. Place the beautiful, hand-carved, Black Obsidian Polished Point in your home or sacred space as a stunning décor item. Having strong metaphysical properties, it works as a powerful cleanser of all negativity and psychic smog created in an aura. Use it during meditation and healing practices to balance your chakras, enhance your self-control, protect your feelings and clear your path to gain refreshed vitality and unparalleled empowerment. Make a healing grid with the Black Obsidian Point to direct energy for focusing intent and manifesting desires. It is undoubtedly a charming gift for any occasion!

Origin: Mexico

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