Black Obsidian Mirror

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Black Obsidian Mirror | Black Obsidian Crystal Mirror | Black Obsidian Mirror for Powered Intentions

Size (approx.): 2.5 inches

Black Obsidian is a robust and swift acting crystal for psychic healing. The powerful metaphysical properties of Black Obsidian make you feel protected and shield you against negativity. Your most valued feelings will be protected by having Black Obsidian Mirror near you as it clears your path to sustain refreshed vitality. Most Gemstones need cleansing, but not Black Obsidian. Your Black Obsidian Mirror will will reflect back the elated power of your healing intentions and make you yearn for solidity towards essential well being efforts. The glassy Obsidian, hand carved and polished with precision, makes it a stunning decor item!

Origin: Mexico

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