Amethyst Flower Vase

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Amethyst Flower Vase | Amethyst Geode Vase | Natural Amethyst Crystal

Size: 8 inches wide
Weight: 3.8 lbs

This eye-catching unique piece is a natural Amethyst Geode fitted on a black base. The outer surface of the geode has been smoothened while the crystals are all natural in a rich beautiful shade of purple. Amethyst is a protective crystal that neutralizes negative energies in your surroundings, brings calmness and relieves stress filling your space with peaceful vibes. Place this stunning piece in any space where you wish to uplift and add charm to the decor. Arrange fresh flowers and use it as a flower vase, place a candle in it or for an artistic touch make it a lamp base. Keep it in your meditation space as it helps clear mind clutter and soothe you into a meditative state. It activates spiritual awareness, improves focus and enhances psychic abilities. Give this mesmerizing piece as a house warming, wedding or a birthday gift or simply to loved ones to let them benefit from the powerful absorbing, healing, and transforming properties of Amethyst!

Origin: Brazil

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