Agate Geode Unique Specimen

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Agate Geode Unique Specimen | Agate Geode Crystal | Agate Decor

Size: 5 inches wide
Weight: 3.4 lbs

Are you looking for a unique crystal specimen for your crystal collection? The beautiful Agate Geode is just what you need. The outer surface is polished while the geode cavity is lined up with lustrous druzy agate crystals. Agate is a grounding stone. It improves your perception and analytical qualities, balances the yin and yang, and harmonizes your physical, emotional, mental and etheric qualities. It raises consciousness while building self-confidence. Great to keep in your space as it has an extremely soothing and calming effect. It stabilizes one’s aura, eliminates negativity, and overcomes bitterness of the heart. Fosters love, truthfulness, and courage. A statement piece for your decor setting and a stunning gift for crystal lovers!

Origin: Brazil

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