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Shungite Necklace


Chakra Bracelet


Amethyst Bracelet

$24.99 $18.74

Clear Quartz Necklace


Lava Rock Bracelet


Rose Quartz Bracelet


Quartz Chakra


Selenite Necklace


Citrine Pendants


Amethyst Geode Necklace

$25.99 $18.19

Rose Quartz Pendant


Amethyst Necklace


Watermelon Tourmaline Bracelet


Howlite Bracelet


Golden Sheen Obsidian Bracelet


Rhodochrosite Bracelet


Amazonite Bracelet

$38.99 $27.29

Ruby Zosite Bracelet


Charoite Tumbled Bracelet


Golden Sheen Obsidian Pendant


Amethyst Crystal Pendant

$25.99 $18.19

Citrine Necklace


Shungite Sphere


Shungite Bracelet


Tiger Eye Bracelet


Chakra Pendant


Tree of Life Mandala


Flower of Life Mandala


Quartz Crystal Necklace


Selenite Chakra Necklace


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